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We know that every case is unique. Our Attorneys and staff are dedicated to giving our clients the attention they deserve and the legal expertise they require. We are able to walk you through each step of your case, ensuring that your expectations are met and your legal questions are answered.

We are your legal voice fighting by your side.

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At Sanchez & Brown, or philosophy is straightforward: to protect our clients’ legal rights while pushing insurance companies to settle for the best-possible results. We only represent people, never insurance companies.


As your attorneys, we need to know the truth about all facts concerning your accident, your injuries, and your background. It is only with truthful and accurate information that we can effectively represent you. Please keep in mind that the attorney/client privilege applies to all information and communications between you and our office.

Discussing Your Case

You are encouraged to discuss all the pain and difficulties you have experienced because of this accident with your friends, family, and doctors. Do not talk to any representative of the defendant’s insurance company about your accident without first consulting with our office.

Customer Service

From the first day to the last day we work with clients, advanced service is served.