How Long Before My Auto Accident Case Settles?

How Long Before My Auto Accident Case Settles?

The most common insurance claims every year come from auto accidents. This statistic appears reasonable since cars are the most common form of transportation in the modern world. This might change in the future, as drones evolve and develop and as we start looking towards the skies for transportation. Regardless of what the future might hold as far as transportation goes, there is still a question that people struggle to get an answer to: “How long before my auto accident case settles?”

Depending on your situation, an auto accident claim can take from as little time as a few months to several years to settle. A month or two is the minimum time frame that you should expect when you file a car accident claim with your car insurance provider. After filing a claim through your insurance company, you can usually expect a minimum time frame of about one to three months for some type of resolution or an idea of really how long the case might take to settle. Keep in mind that many different factors can affect the length of a claim. Accident investigation, the number of people involved, and the development of data are some factors that can delay the settlement of a claim.

Additional factors that can hinder or influence the outcome of an auto accident case are:

  • The Magnitude of the Injury and Damages – The magnitude of the injury and damages is not only exclusive to the person, but also to the property (such as the vehicle). In the beginning stages of a claim, it is difficult for a doctor, chiropractor, or an orthopedic to determine the extent of injury or damages for future costs of treating the injury to ensure full recovery of the insurance holder. To add to the situation, doctors are also put through a high level of scrutiny which can also add time to the claim process.
  • The Cooperation of your Insurance Company – The importance of your insurance company communicating with your attorney plays such a key role in making sure that your case moves forward quickly and accurately. In the state of Florida, the insurance company has a maximum of 30 days to provide insurance information.* If the insurance company decides to deny the claim, the case can take a longer period to resolve.
  • Court Cases & Proceedings – Court-related events can also extend the time frame of a claim. Court cases take a substantial period of time to come to a verdict, especially if the Plaintiff is trying to sue for a large amount of money in order to pay for their medical bills and their future expenses. These factors can extend a case for much longer than one would expect. Car and personal injury cases involve a certain discovery period which is mandatory, and there are several out of the court negotiations that can also affect time. If a party is not satisfied with the verdict, they can appeal in a higher court, which will add on to the mandatory discovery period.

Although people prefer immediate claim settlements, there are situations where a longer period for claim settlement is beneficial for the person affected by the accident and for other parties involved in the cases.

There are numerous factors to determine the outcome of a car accident insurance claim. The examples listed above are just a few of the major influences which help determine the time frame of a claim. When an injury occurs due to a car accident, it is strongly recommended to seek legal counsel. Here at Sanchez & Brown, we lend our experience to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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